Rachelle Summers

Co-owner/Pattern Designer

Rachelle lives in the Pacific Northwest area of the US. She loves the outdoors, regularly has fires in her fire pit, camps, visits the beach, walks in the woods and simply sits outside year round.

She and her husband have been together since 2004 and have two kids, two dogs, and three cats.

Her mom taught her to sew as a child. She came back to sewing when she had children of her own.

Sewing is a place of solace and sanity and it led her to learn pattern-making as another creative outlet.

As she came to a crossroads in her life she took a good hard look at what her strengths were and what brought her happiness and satisfaction. That's when she and Laura started chatting and pretty soon, Rivet Patterns was born. 

Pattern design is Rachelle's passion. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to create, design and bring to life clothing that fits and makes the wearer feel good.

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Laura O'Neal

Co-owner/Pattern Designer

Laura lives in the midwest in a very country, very small town. She's surrounded by farmland and farm animals.

She and her husband have four daughters, one son-in-law, two grandsons, one dog, one cat, 34 chickens, and a very overgrown garden.

Laura's been homeschooling her daughters for nearly 20 years (where has the time gone?) and enjoys keeping her home, hanging with her family, and entertaining.

She acquired the sewing bug in junior high school and has grown to love more with each passing year. Her love of sewing and teaching has naturally turned into a love for teaching others to sew.

She began making bags in 2014 and started self-drafting them not long after. Her love for the "puzzle" of bag-making has naturally led to her love of bag pattern-making.

Rivet Patterns was born out of a friendship and a deep sense of wanting great things for each other. We love similar things and our commitment to our families, sewing, and excellence made this a natural fit!

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