Sonata Sling Bag & Backpack Tester Round-up

Sonata Sling Bag & Backpack Tester Round-up

The Rivet Patterns Sonata Sling Bag & Backpack has it all: multiple pocket options, a place for your keys and the ability to switch the strap to the right or left for personal comfort.  Additionally, we've added the option of making this a backpack and multiple strap options to meet all your needs.  So, are you ready for a fun and satisfying make?  Me too, let's go!!

 Welcome to the tester round up for the Rivet Patterns Sonata Sling Bag & Backpack.  Let's jump right in!

First I'll show you all my makes.  I made SIX... yeah, six.  HAHAHA!  I used quilting cotton, cotton canvas, and vinyl for my makes and I love them so much. 

Now, let's head to our tester makes; you are going to love them.

1. Ashley

Ashley used canvas to make her Sonata and I can't believe how much I love it!

2. Rachel

Rachel use this cheerful canvas for her Sonata and I'm going to need to make one!

Find more from Rachel here.

3. Katy

Katy used a gorgeous cotton for her Sonata and I think I may need to copy her!

Find more from Katy here.

4. Jenni

Jenni knocked it out of the park, as usual with her waterproof canvas (wpc) Sonata. 

Find more from Jenni here.

5. Lorene

Lorene used this stunning cotton for her Sonata.

Find more from Lorene here.

6. Beth

Beth used vinyl and outdoor canvas to make her two amazing Sonata Sling Bags and I'm love them both.

Find more from Beth here.

7. Deanna

Deanna used leather and canvas for her Sonata.  Isn't it lovely?

8. Merce

Merce used a lovely soft shell for her Sonata and now I have to go buy some!

Find more from Merce here.

9. Michelle B.

Michelle used this absolutely gorgeous canvas for her make her Sonata and I love it so dang much.

Then she used canvas and corduroy for this beauty.

10. Tina

Tina blew me away with this vinyl Sonata.  It's so lovely.

Find more from Tine here.

11. Amy

May got super creative with her canvas and cotton Sonata and I am WOWED!

Find more from Amy here.

12. Pamela

Pamela used sunbrella upholstery fabric for this super fun Sonata.

13. Margaret

Margaret used a lovely waterproof canvas for her Sonata.  I just love these colors.

Find more from Margaret here.

14. Valetta

Valetta used this adorable vinyl for her Sonata.

Find more from Valetta here.

15. Beta

Beta used a lovey vinyl for her Sonata and I'm loving every bit of it!

Find more from Beta here.

16. Michelle R

Michelle used a combination of canvas, cork, and nylon for her Sonata.

Find more from Michelle here.


Sequoia used this very cute quilting cotton for her Sonata.

Find more from Sequoia here.

18. Michele

Michele made this adorable Sonata with quilting cotton!

Find more from Michele here.

19.  Sierra

Sierra used this lovely, soft upholstery fabric for her Sonata.  

Find more from Sierra here.


Hats off to all our amazing testers.  Make sure to get your pattern TODAY!


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