Rue Racerback Tester Round up!

Rue Racerback Tester Round up!

If you haven't seen the Rue Racerback yet, you've GOT to check it out. Rue is a twist on the classic racerback with SO MANY lengths and options. Just look at all of them! You can even add one of the Essential Skirts or the Forsythia Skirt - there's a cut line for that!


Let's get this party started huh? I'll start with mine in a size 8, and then I'll (more or less) go in order of size so you can find what you're looking for.

My sample was a purple unicorn crop in DBP. I wasn't going to take pics of it, but it makes me smile, so... unicorns it is! My final was a mini length dress (also DBP) with the color blocked back and mock neck. I went as fancy as I could with all that detail stitching and I LOVE LOVE how it turned out!



Lisanne made her size 2 out of cotton lycra. The black polka dot is the low scoop, long crop with the built-in bra. The cute galaxy tennis dress is the high scoop A-line in mini length.



Kit used a rayon lycra for her size 4 crew neck A-line.


Caity made a size 4 from an ITY, and added the built-in bra.


Jesara used a lightweight sweater knit with the mock neck for her size 4.


Josianne made a long crop mock neck for her size 4FBA in cotton lycra.


Emily used a black cotton lycra for her super elegant mock neck in a size 4/6.


Mara made hers with a lace back for the upper color block for this long crop, low scoop in a size 4FBA.


Michelle also made her long crop with that pretty lace upper back, but used the mock neck in a size 6. I love this mother daughter duo!


Rachel used this pretty blue rib knit for her size 6 midi length. This is the slim fit silhouette.


Merce made her long crop in a size 6 using cotton lycra. Love the color pop!


Michelle used a double brushed poly for her pop of color mini slim fit dress in a size 6.


Sierra made two size 6s. The first version is a floral rib with a lace upper. The green is peached performance with the hood!


Jennifer made her color blocked back, slim fit tunic version from cotton lycra in a size 8. 


Kayla made two versions in a size 8. The first is a mock neck crop in a rib knit. The midi a-line dress version is a nylon spandex.


Cassie made two versions in a size 8/10. On the left, a mock neck slim fit tunic in athletic knit. On the right, a slim fit top in a rib knit.


Suzanne made this incredible colorblocked a-line dress with a custom athletic knit in a size 8. 


June made her size 10 tunic length with the low scoop out of athletic knit.


Melissa took full advantage of Rue to up her golf wardrobe! All in a size 10. The black and white she paired with a half circle Essential Skirt.



Athena used cotton spandex for her fabulous size 10FBA slim fit tunic.


Pamela made two versions of size 10FBA. Both are made from rayon spandex. One top version, and one crop version.


Julie made her size size 10FBA out of DBP. She chose the A-line knee length dress with the low scoop.


Monica two size 10 versions, both crops with hoods. On the right, she used a french terry. The orange at middle and left are an athletic mesh. She added a band to the hem because she wanted a little extra length. Blog post on that hack to come soon!


Becky made two beautiful size 10FBA/12 versions with different rib knits.



Lia made a size 12 knee length A-line dress with an athletic mesh upper back bodice.


As usual, Jessica made multiple versions in a size 14 with all different fabrics! Left is swim, middle is DBP, and the right is faux suede!


Tasha came in hot with this fire maxi dress in a size 14FBA with DBP. The hooded version shows the sporty side of things in an athetic knit.



Kelsy made two hood crop versions in a size 14. The zebra print is a long crop out of athletic knit, and the orange is a short crop out of a stretch distressed jaquard!



Sabrina made her long crop with high scoop neck from DBP in size 18/20.


Stephanie made this awesome work out top in a size 18FBA, tunic length, slim fit, high scoop.


Amy made two versions of the mini A-length in a size 22FBA. On the left is the color blocked back in DBP/Lace and on the right is in an ITY. The right is cut on the 'skirt add' line and she added a skirt from the Essential Skirts!


Joan made her outdoor gardening version in a size 24, A-line tunic length.


Sarah got in the color blocking groove with her versions. She made a size 28 with the sunflower upper back, and then made her daughter the hooded version in a size 14.


I hope you've enjoyed seeing all the versions and options and sizes and fabrics! Please make sure to share your Rue makes in our Facebook group!


Happy Making!







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