NEW RELEASE: Pothos Lounge Pants Tester Round-Up

NEW RELEASE: Pothos Lounge Pants Tester Round-Up

For one of my first FREE patterns to introduce you to Rivet's style, I went with a pair of comfy yet stylish pants. Mostly because I can't get enough of pants that are couch worthy, but I can also wear out of the house without feeling like a scrub. Fabric choice sets the mood! The tropical print pants are DBP and wore those to a concert in the city! The floral are a super duper soft sweater knit I can lounge about in, but also do school pick up in. Both in a size 10.


The Pothos Pants have two rises, mid or high, each with a tall, contoured waistband. Choose from shorts, capris or full length pants and of COURSE pockets. If you sign up for the Newsletter, you'll get a code to get the Pothos Lounge Pants FREE!

1. Jenni


Jenni made one pair of straight leg pants and then went the extra mile and made a second pair with the optional elastic in the hem. I'm digging the I Dream of Jeanie look! Both of these are french terry in a size 12.

Find more from Jenni here:

IG: @earlysews

2. Becky


Becky classed her pants up with a trendy cropped look (capri!) in a peached performance fabric in a size 12. Bonus points for pairing it with the FREE Heather Tee!

Find more from Becky here:

IG: @sewcrazybecky

3. Jessica


Jessica has chosen a stretch corduroy in size 14 for her pants and paired them with a Heather Tee. I definitely need to get on that train!

Find more from Jessica here: 

IG: @jotdesigns

4. Penny


Penny is in ultimate comfort gaming mode here in her DBP pants in size 0. The super soft Heather Tee completes her outfit.

5. Ashley


Ashley is rocking her shorts in a fleece modal size 14. Complete with a Heather Tee! Are you sensing a theme here?

5. Sequoia


Sequoia is showing off two different fabric bases here! The red is DBP and the blue is french terry, both in size 20. It's so interesting to see how fabric choice changes the fit and overall look!

Find more from Sequoia here:

FB & IG: @SequoialynnSews

6. Amy


Amy chose a drapier fabric for her cute crop capris. Her capris are size 20 and go SO perfectly with that Heather Tee!

Find more from Amy here:

IG: @double_a_studio

7. Laura



Laura is showing another fantastic example of different fabric choices! The top pants are in a french terry, while the bottom pants are in ITY, both size 12. Let's definitely not ignore the chickens. They set the whole scene, don't you think?

8. Renee


Renee made her pants in a size 28 stretch velvet and WOW! These are so gorgeous! AND perfectly paired with the free Forte Tote!

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Happy Making!



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