NEW RELEASE! Medley Bag Tester Round-Up

NEW RELEASE! Medley Bag Tester Round-Up

If you're looking for something casual and classy the Rivet Patterns Medley Bag is just the ticket.

This bag has three possibilities: 

  • a color blocked exterior
  • a solid exterior (perfect for a panel)
  • a solid exterior with a slip pocket.

All are complete with an adjustable shoulder strap, slip pocket and zipper pocket options, and a snap closure. You'll get all your goodies hidden inside this fun bag.

Get the Rivet Patterns Medley Bag pattern here.

This bag has been months and months in the making.  I love a good bucket-style bag and just couldn't find the one that got me excited, so I made my own.  

Here are a few of my personal makes that I'm in love with:

medley bag all options

I decided to try it all.  The color blocked version is made with vinyl and canvas as the lining.  The middle, navy blue, is corduroy.  Last, the solid outer was made with cotton lycra custom panels I bought years ago. Yes, I did have to stabilize the knit to make it suitable for a bag. Here are a few interior pics of these bags:



I made this canvas color blocked version and my sister ended up taking it home!  It's pretty cute and so is she:


As usual the tester team was amazing during this test and surprised me yet again with their fabulous makes.  Let's check them out together:

1. Annie knocked this one out of the park for sure!  Her combination of fabrics are just stunning. 

This first one is made with linen on the outer and cotton woven for the lining.

medley linen medley linen

Her second make is from laminated cotton:

medley laminated cotton medley laminated cotton

She got creative with her last one.  Now, this was a hack that she did on her own and is not part of the pattern.  However, I'm sure she'd be happy to share how she achieved this looks.  It's definitely lovely:

medley Annie's hack 

Find more from Annie HERE

2. Duane always makes me happier with her makes.  She's meticulous and just an all-around fabulous sewist.  She used denim for her outer and cotton woven for her lining:


Find more from Duane HERE

3. Lara is a fabulous tester and she jumps all in every time.  She made three bag and they were all amazing.

This first on is made with Corduroy and cotton woven: 

medley corduroy and cotton 

The next one she made was made with leather on the bottom panel and linen.  It so pretty: 


Lara's final make was made from denim:


Find more from Lara HERE

4. Christiana jumped right in with a paneled vinyl make and I'm stunned by how beautiful this is.  My ten year old really wants this bag! HAHAHA!

 medley vinyl horse

5. Margaret is a doll!  As usual she made multiple.  This time she made three.

These were made with cotton woven and they are so cute:

medley cotton woven

medley cotton woven

Find more from Margaret HERE

6. Amy is a fantastic bag maker and her Medley is no exception.  She combined vinyl and cotton woven to make this beauty:

medley vinyl cotton woven medley vinyl and cotton woven

Find more from Amy HERE

7. Michele's Medley Bag is so cute and cheerful.  It made with cotton woven and it brings me joy in the middle of this dreary January:

medley colorblock 

Find more from Michele HERE

8. Courtney's denim medley is so lovely that I'm going to have to make one of my own:


Find more from Courtney HERE

9. Trish made this gorgeous canvas Medley.  The colors and the craftsmanship are on point for sure:


Find more from Trish HERE

10. Elaine chose wool for the outer of this Medley Bag beauty.  I'm LOVE the look of this bag so much.  She's matched the wool perfectly with the cotton woven lining:


Find more from Elaine HERE

11. Anna used a super cool canvas for her medley and I can't describe how much I love it: 


Find more from Anna HERE

12. Sequoia chose a very happy cotton woven for her Medley.  I love the stripes of this one:


Find more from Sequoia HERE

13. Kim made a beautiful Medley Bag using denim and cotton. Her use of the embroidery is so so beautiful:


Find more from Kim HERE

14. Angelica made this beauty and I think I needed.  I love how each tester has their own take and this take is a good one:


Find more from Angelica HERE

15. Cyndi Jo gave me all the joy with her lemon themed Medley Bag.  This embroidered cotton woven Medley is too cute: 


16. Valetta made two Medley Bag and you're going to LOVE them!

The first of her makes is an amazing cotton panel front and a gorgeous quilted back.  This is such a fun make: 


Valetta's second make was a color blocked version made with cork and it is STUNNING:


Find more from Valetta HERE

17. Sherry is a fantastic bag-maker and her Medley Bag is a lovely sundflower cotton woven.  She doesn't know this, but sunflowers are my favorite.  This bag is too cute:


18. Jessica clearly loves books!  This book Medley Bag is so awesome.  I absolutely love how this cotton woven version came out.  I hope she's proud of this beauty:


Find more from Jessica HERE

There you have it, folks!  I'm so blessed to have the testers I have with eevery pattern.  These testers are absolute gems.  They aren't just amazing sewists and editors but they are amazing people as well.  I can't tell how it feels to work with such amazing human beings.  

So, comment below with your favorite tester make! 

Get the Rivet Patterns Medley Bag pattern here.

Happy Making!




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