NEW RELEASE! Harmony Belt Bag & Purse Tester Round-up

NEW RELEASE! Harmony Belt Bag & Purse Tester Round-up

I'm so dang excited to share my newest bag pattern with you! The Rivet Patterns Harmony Belt Bag and Purse is here and you're going to want to make it.

The Harmony Belt Bag and Purse is here to meet all your needs. Need something hands free that you can wear cross body? Harmony. Need a fanny pack? Harmony. Need something just big enough for your phone, wallet, and keys? Harmony. Need a classy purse? Harmony. Need multiple sizes? Harmony. This bag comes in three sizes: Oversized, Regular, and Mini. Each size has slip pockets and zipper pocket options. The front features a covered zipper for a bit of flare and protection.

Get the pattern today!!

This is the perfect everyday and special occasion bag with all the bells and whistles.

Today I want to share all our tester makes so you can see how versatile this bag truly is.  

Let's start with my personal makes.  As far as fabric goes, I use the following:

  • quilting cotton
  • canvas
  • nylon ripstop
  • glitter vinyl
  • printed, quilted vinyl
  • vegan leather

That's right, I was able to make a harmony out of each of those fabrics.  Now, ready to see my photos?

1.  Lisa made two regular sized purses in a combination of Canvas and Cotton.

Find more from Lisa here.

2.  Tasha utilized cotton for her canvas Harmony.

Find more from Tasha here.

3.  Lorraine had a surprise finish with this lovely mini in cotton.

Find more from Lorraine here.

4. Lara made two lovely mini Harmony Belt Bags using denim and cotton.

Find more from Lara here.

5. Rachel's size regular make is stunning and made from canvas.

Find more from Rachel here.


6. Joan delivered with a mini and a regular made with canvas and cotton.

Find more from Joan here.

7. Michelle used cotton/rayon for this beauty.

Find more from Michelle here.

8. Amy made a mini and oversized version of her Harmony belt bags using vinyl and cotton.

Find more from Amy here.

9. Sierra used canvas for her mini Harmony.

Find more from Sierra here.

10. Sequoia used cotton for her lovely Harmony.

Find more from Sequoia here.

11. Donna used cotton for her very cool Harmony bag.

Find more from Donna here.

12. Jenni changed it up and used this adorable boardshort fabric for her mini Harmony for her mini Jenni.

Find more from Jenni here.

13. Sarah used cotton for this absolutely adorable mini Harmony.

Find more from Sarah here.

14. Athena wows with her use of canvas for her mini and regular sized Harmony.

Find more from Athena here.

15. Ashley stuns with her cotton and canvas combo.

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That's all I have for today, get your copy of the Harmony Belt Bag and Purse today!

Don't forget that every single Rivet Patterns bag pattern has a FREE full length video tutorial.  Find the Harmony tutorial here:


Happy Making!



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