NEW RELEASE: Foxglove Leggings Tester Round-up

NEW RELEASE: Foxglove Leggings Tester Round-up

Leggings are immensely versatile pants. Or shorts. Or whatever length you like them in. They make for warmer legs under dresses, superb work out garments, or just for your everyday doing all the things. As in most cases, fabric makes a huge impact on the final garment! I want to say a special thanks to Amanda, owner of Amanda's Bundles. You're going to see a lot of her performance fabric in this post. If you haven't tried her peached performance, you are missing out! My size 10's here are a performance athletic fabric.


I used the high rise contour waistband with full length pants. There are a hundred different ways to customize your leggings! Waistbands include mid or high rise encased elastic, mid or high rise contour, and the most popular, high rise secret shapewear. Hem inseams include 2", 4", 6", and 8" shorts, 10" bermuda, 15" below knee, 18" capri, 25" above ankle, and 28" pants. The pattern includes an optional triangle back gusset. We've even written a Blog Post to show you how to add a back pocket to the contour waistband!

1. Kim


Kim made three pairs in a size 8. The first in pleather, the second in ABP, and then a third also in pleather. Her suggestion is to size up on the pleather, as it's a bit stiffer than the ABP. 

2. Josianne


Josianne made two pairs of size 4 leggings. In the first, she used a faux leather cotton lycra for a fashion look. The second is an athletic cotton lycra with the secret shapewear waistband. I'm digging the Halloween 80's look on the right!

Find more from Josianne here:

IG: @sewista_fashionista

3. Ruth


Ruth made both of her size 12s in peached performance. It works for both casual and dressy! Secret shapewear waistband for the win.

4. Daisy


Daisy is killing it here in size 0 shorts and capris. She used an athletic fabric with the mid rise contour waistband on both, and they are perfection!

You can find more from Daisy here:

IG: @SewDaisy

5. Melissa
Melissa made even more size 12 pairs than I could show you! The center is swim with the high rise contour waistband. The left and right are peached performance with the secret shapewear waistband.
6. Emily
Emily made her size 2 leggings with this amazing, happy athletic knit. These are the below the knee length with the high rise contour waistband.
You can find more from Emily here:
7. Donna
Donna made her size 6 leggings in a DBP. I am loving the print on these above ankle length pants with the secret shapewear waistband.
8. Sequoia
Sequoia made her size 20 leggings with this fabulous tie dye honeycomb! These are the full length with the secret shapewear waistband.

Find more from Sequoia here:

FB & IG: @SequoialynnSews

9. Joanne


Joanne made a size 18 in this fantastic cheetah print honeycomb! These leggings are full length with the secret shapewear waistband (using an athletic knit for the inner waistband for more compression).

10. Becky


Becky made three different size 12 leggings, all in Amanda's performance fabric with secret shapewear waistbands. All three tops are Daisy Dolmans for three different looks!

Find more from Becky here:

IG: @sewcrazybecky

11. Mara


Mara is showing off her size 8 shorts and capris! Both are made with an athletic fabric. The shorts have the secret shapewear waistband, and the capris have the contour waistband.

12. Elaine

Elaine made a size 12 with the elastic waistband option. They look so good paired with that white blouse!

13. Lisanne


Lisanne made two size 4s in the full length. The black is a faux jeans cotton lycra (pretty cool, right?), and the left is an athletic fabric. Both are sporting the mid rise contour waistband. The pink top is a Daisy Dolman!

Find more from Lisanne here:


14. Jenni



Last, but most certainly not least, Jenni made too many pairs to count! I picked out a few to show you all the different looks. We've got leggings as tights under a skirt (with a Daisy). A comfy fall look with black peach performance. A seriously awesome Halloween outfit (also with a Daisy). And gorgeous peached performance Mandala with the added Back Waistband Pocket! Instructions on adding the pocket are over on the Blog.

Find more from Jenni here:

IG: @earlysews



Happy Making!




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