NEW RELEASE: Allegro Crossbody Bag Tester Round-up

NEW RELEASE: Allegro Crossbody Bag Tester Round-up

The idea for the Allegro Crossbody Bag seemed to just come to me suddenly.  I made my first sample and then took it on a trip and decided I was in love and should make an actual pattern for it and I’m so very glad I did!

Allegro Crossbody Bag is an asymmetrical bag perfect for everyday wear and fun. It includes an angled slip pocket that can be added to the outer or lining or both. Additionally, there is an optional zipper pocket. Get ready to make a super fun, super unique bag! 

Click here to purchase the Allegro Crossbody Bag PDF pattern.

This bag has become a favorite of mine and I know you’ll love it too.

This group of testers has knocked my socks off!  I can’t tell you how amazing they are but I can tell/show you what they made. Let’s do it!!

  1. Leigh -

Leigh’s Allegro is CRAZY beautiful.  She used a combination of canvas and vinyl.  It’s so lovely.


  1. Rachel -

Rachel blew me away with her cotton and color blocked nylon ripstop combo.  I’m speechless.


  1. Lara -

Lara made several amazing bags.  From linen to cotton to vinyl to faux suede.  Impressive, right?

  1. Joan

Joan knocked it out of the park with her cotton and hemp linen combo.  She looks to have traveled all over the place in the last week with hers.  What an awesome companion.

  1. Margaret -

Margaret killed it with her duck canvas, cotton and vinyl makes.  Her fabric choices are STUNNING and her makes are beautiful!

  1. Amy:

Amy pulled out all the Christmas for her make.  I’m always in complete joy when testers surprise me.  I never pictured the Allegro in a Christmas theme but I LOVE it and may have to make myself a Christmas bag because everyone needs a Christmas bag!  She used flannel and cotton and I’m feeling all kinds of love.


  1. Jenni:

Jenni made this crazy beautiful vinyl/outdoor fabric combo and I can’t stop staring.  It’s so strikingly beautiful it keeps catching my eye.

  1. Beth

Beth WOWED me with her makes.  She chose several fabrics to achieve these beautiful makes: cork, polyester and canvas to be exact.  I’m not going to lie, that canvas jellyfish bag is stunning.

  1. Margie:

Margie's quilted Art Gallery cotton is so very beautiful.  Her colors choices are impeccable and I kind of want one of my very own.

10.  Becky -

Becky made some very fun and very stunning Allegro bags.  Her use of fun fabrics always brings a smile to my face.  She utilized vinyl and cotton in her makes and they are perfection.

11.  Michelle 

Michelle’s Allegro is absolutely beautiful.  I LOVE pink and black together.  It's definitely giving some Barbie vibes.  She used faux leather and quilting to accomplish this beauty,


12. Kim 

Kim made two lovely Allegro Crossbody Bags.  She used faux suede and cotton for her makes and I can't stop looking. They are so cute!

WHEW!  That’s everyone except for my make.  I’ve made five Allegro Crossbody Bags in all, I think, but I’m going to share my favorite with you.  I leaned into fall colors because fall is everything and I’m so pleased.  When I showed it to my husband his response was, “WOW!! That is so lovely, please don’t sell it!”  LOL That sealed it, this one is mine.



The fabric I chose is from Surge Fabric Shop and it is high quality and STUNNING!  The Jacobean Tweed Wool Coating was absolute perfection.  I paired the tweed with an amazing orange Brussels Washer Linen.  These fabrics are, typically, apparel fabrics but I don’t care, with proper treatment they turned out to be perfect for this pattern.

For all the info on the Allegro Crossbody Bag PDF pattern see this listing here.  You don’t want to miss this fun, easy, fairly quick bag pattern.

Happy Making!



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