Andante Bag Tester Round-UP

Andante Bag Tester Round-UP

The Rivet Patterns Andante Bag is your go-to bag for all your needs. This bag comes in three sizes so you'll be set no matter where life takes you. This bag is complete with multiple slip pocket options, a zipper pocket, elasticated side panel pockets for the two largest sizes, a key ring holder, optional snap closure, and handles long enough to carry on your shoulder comfortably. Whether you're going to the beach or the library, the Rivet Patterns Andante Bag is here for you!

Make sure you check out the FULL video tutorial here:

 I'll start by sharing a few of my Rivet Patterns Andante Bag makes.  I stuck with home decor, waterproof canvas, canvas, denim and quilting cotton for all my makes.  However, I have a vinyl version all prepped and ready to go!

Let's see what our fabulous testers made.  You're going to love them all.

1.  Jenni Made this size large beauty.  I can't stop looking at it.  It really is a beauty!


Find more from Jenni here.

2. Sequoia's combination of home decor fabric and quilting cotton is stunning for her size medium Andante!


Find more from Sequoia here.

3. Athena's fabric choices are always perfect and this canvas Andante is amazing!


Find more from Athena here.

4. Melissa jumped in with all the waterproof canvas on this size medium and I'm absolutely here for it!


Find more from Melissa here.

5. Donna made a small and large with canvas and denim.  SO SO pretty!


Find more from Donna here.

6. Sarah made a size large (her child can fit in it! LOL) using canvas and has declared it beginner friendly!! YESSSSS!


Find more from Sarah here.

7. Diane jumped in with this lovely green cotton and I love it so much!

8. Michelle B. knocked it out of the park with her canvas and quilting cotton combo. This matching set is amazing and I can't get enough!

9. Lara made this lovely size large with cotton. I might have to find her and beg her for it! 


Find more from Lara here.

10. Valetta chose faux leather for her size small.  I'm in awe of how fabulous this turned out! 


Find more from Valetta here.

11. Michele A. chose this lovely canvas for her size small and it coordinates with her outfit perfectly!


Find more from Michele here.

12. Beth always makes beautiful bags and her Andante Bags were no exception.  She use reclaimed fabrics and quilting cotton for one and vinyl and cork for the other.  Seriously, these are so cute!


Find more from Beth here.

13. Pamela decided to go large and she quickly realized that everything but the kitchen sink will fit in that bag and she managed to fill it with all manner of goodies!

14. Michelle R. used faux leather for this beauty.  I love this one a ton!!


Find more from Michelle here.

15. Margaret used vinyl and quilting cotton for this over the top, fabulously fun Andante Bag!  I kind of need this one (with all the snacks too)!


Find more from Margaret here.

16.  Carmen's purple canvas Andante is such a beauty and it fits all the things!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing all the versions and options and sizes and fabrics! Please make sure to share your Rivet Patterns Andante Bag pattern makes in our Facebook group!

You can grab the Andante Bag TODAY!

Happy Making!




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