Welcome to Rivet Patterns!

Welcome to Rivet Patterns!

Today is finally the day that I can say Welcome to Rivet Patterns!  

The obvious question you have right now is, "WHAT IS RIVET PATTERNS?"

Great question!  Rivet Patterns is a pdf sewing pattern company that provides two types of patterns:

Garment Patterns:  

These garment patterns will be all you need to get your sewing journey going and keep it going. Above you can see the Heather Daily Tee.  Check out the upcoming Briar below:

These patterns are based on a women's sizing chart.  We've worked very hard to come with an inclusive sizing chart for real bodies! Check it out below:

Rachelle is our garment pattern designer and she is truly amazing when it comes to her design skills, fit knowledge, and sewing abilities!  As you make our garment patterns and need assistance or just have questions, feel free to reach out to rachelle@rivetpatterns.com.  She'll be happy to help in any way.

Bag Patterns

These patterns are all kinds of fun.  You'll find all kinds of styles and options.  Some require hardware like zippers or snaps, while others require none. Above you'll see our Legato Wave Top Tote.  Check out the upcoming Cadence Barrel Bag below:

Laura is our resident bag pattern designer.  She's had more years than she's willing to admit in bag-making/drafting.  She has a great fondness for canvas and quilting cottons, so you'll see a lot of those in her makes.  Additionally, if you have any questions or need assistance you can email her at laura@rivetpatterns.com and she'd be happy to help!

Laura and Rachelle make up what is called Rivet Patterns.  They've known each other and worked together for years!  More importantly, they're friends who genuinely care about one another.  Because of that, they've come together to create Rivet Patterns so that they, together, can provide a service and care for other sewists on their sewing journeys.

Rivet Patterns was born out of a friendship and a deep sense of wanting great things for each other. We love similar things and our commitment to our families, sewing, and excellence made this a natural fit!

So, welcome, we hope you'll stick around to see what exciting things are in store!

Happy Making!



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I am so happy for this good news! Wishing you the very best outcome in all matters and am looking forward to your bright and shining futures!!! :)


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