How to Print and Assembling a Rivet PDF Pattern

How to Print and Assembling a Rivet PDF Pattern

Let's talk about printing!

YOU MUST HAVE ADOBE ACROBAT READER INSTALLED on a desktop or laptop to properly print this pattern. At this time, mobile versions do not support the layers function.

When printing your pattern, make sure your print settings are at Custom Scale: 100% and the orientation is portrait. Certain printers (such as HP printers) may need more advanced settings to print correctly.

Before printing your entire pattern, print Page 1 to check that your 1” square measures accurately.

To assemble your pattern, place each page in numerical order. Line each page up with the previous page’s guideline. Each page will have a 1/2” overlap. There are also circles at the corner of each page to help you. 


Happy Making!



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