Three Ways to Add Binding to a Bag

Three Ways to Add Binding to a Bag

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Have you ever struggled with using double fold bias tape to bind the raw edges of a  bag? (raises hand) Well, guess what? You aren't alone. 

Binding a bag takes practice no matter what method you use to to apply that bias tape.  Today, I'm going to show you THREE ways to attach binding so that you can pick your favorite.

I call these three ways to bind a bag the following:

  1. The Traditional Method - this method requires double fold bias tape.  For the bags at Rivet Patterns we always use 1/2". So, if you're buying it make sure it says 1/2" double fold bias tape. Wanna make your own bias tape? CLICK HERE
  2. The Folded Method - this method requires a 3" strip of fabric cut on the bias just like the method above.  However, 1/2" double fold bias tape requires 2" strips the Folded Method requires 3" strips.  This is important, don't miss it.  
  3. The Fold-Over Elastic Method - this method simply requires you to have some 1/2" fold over elastic.  

Watch the video below to see how I use each of these methods:

 That's all there is to it.  Get your hands on all the bag patterns mentioned in the video here so you can start practicing.

Happy Making!



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