How to Add a Snap Closure to a Bag

How to Add a Snap Closure to a Bag

Adding a snap closure to a bag can completely how you can use it.  Some might think adding this snap closure is difficult but it's super easy.

Here's what we'll

  • Two main LINING pieces
  • Scraps of SF101
  • 18 or 19mm magnetic snaps - you'll need a male side, a female side, and two washers.                                                                    Magnetic Snaps
  • Seam ripper
  • Fabric marker

For this tutorial I'm using the Medley Bag pattern

Here we go!

First, if you like videos I've got this in video form as well.  Check it out and subscribe:

How to add a magnetic snap 1

how to add a magnetic snap 2

Get the Rivet Patterns Medley Bag pattern here.

Happy Making!




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