DIY Bias Tape/Double Fold Binding

DIY Bias Tape/Double Fold Binding


  • Fat quarter (makes almost 4 yards of bias tape) or a square piece of fabric
  • Optional but BIG help: bias tape maker (Get yours here)
  • Scissors or rotary cut
  • Cutting mat if using rotary cutter
  • Ruler
  • Sewing Machine
  • Matching Thread

Let's jump in!

Here's the video tutorial, but make sure to check out the written tutorial below:

 Here are the details:



  •  Lay your fat quarter out.

  • Take one corner and fold to the opposite corner making a triangle.

  • Cut off the excess fabric, if you have any.



  • Cut across the triangle fold to make two triangles

  • Take the triangle points at your right and left and match them making a small triangle.

  • Turn the smaller triangle so that the CUT edge is on the left.

  • It’s time to cut.  Use the table to determine how wide each strip needs to be.

  • Using your ruler and rotary cutter cut the strips your desired width.  If using scissors, measure and mark, then cut.  Repeat all the way across the triangle.



  • Let’s connect our strips.  The goal is to make a right angle.  So, place one strip in front of you and place the next strip (right sides together) at a right angle, matching the short raw edges. Pin/Clip.  Sew, using a ¼” SA.Repeat this with all your strips. Press all SA open and trim any little corners.



  • If you have a bias tape maker grab the appropriate size.  If not, skip to  step 13.



  • With the WRONG side up, feed the long strip through the bias tape maker and press as you go.



  • If you DON’T have a bias tape maker: 


    • Fold strip WRONG sides together, matching long raw edges. Press a crease.

    • Open the strip, fold long raw edges toward the crease from previous step and press.


  • Last, Match long folded edges of the strip and press.


    Happy Making!



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